2020 Summer Staff Application- Returning Staff
The super easy returning staff person's way to apply. You've already done all the extra stuff, so you can skip it!
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Dates and Commitments
Please select the weeks that you commit to volunteering or working on paid staff in the summer camp ministry. Please note that applicants for paid positions in the summer camp ministry need to commit to at least seven weeks and the training that applies to them. If such an applicant cannot commit that amount of time we still look forward to considering them for a paid position. However, we are not able to guarantee how many paid weeks will be available for them to work.
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Woodcrest Retreat is required to perform background checks on most employees. Do you grant Woodcrest Retreat permission to perform a background check on you if hired? *
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony including, but not limited to, the following: Child abuse; any sex related crime; operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; any other felony or misdemeanor? *
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I (Adam) will be in contact with you regarding a potential interview. Please come prepared to share about your experiences last summer, your current faith growth, and your ideas and personal goal for next summer.
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