Halloween Weekend II Trick-or-Treating
We are hopeful that although different, trick-or-treating will still remain a big part of our Halloween weekend! We were hoping that the Scavenger Hunt would help eliminate person-to-person contact. We are hoping that YOU come up with creative ways to pass out candy that eliminate person-to-person contact! You could do things such as hanging candy on a homemade clothesline, passing candy out with tongs decorated to look like a monster hand, or even shooting some “candy hoops” right into the gift bags; we want to focus on a fun yet practical event! Remember to incorporate "glow stuff" into your decorating. If you choose to hand out candy regularly, please use a mask and gloves, sit at the front of your site, and ask people to social distance.

When signing up to hand out candy you will be entered into our drawing to win campground prizes!

* Please Note: Adult Trick-or-treat or Liquor Treat has never been a campground sponsored event. If people would like to participate in the adult trick-or-treat it is your own choice, but it is not on the campground event list because it has never been on the schedule. If you choose to participate, pleased use common sense, social distance and follow the CDC guidelines.

If you are only handing out candy, you have the option to leave your trick or treat station unattended on the “Honor System.” DO NOT LEAVE ALCOHOL UNATTENDED.

Please sanitize your hands prior to filling cups. Please don't refill cups. You are responsible for providing your own cups and a garbage can for their disposal.

Please maintain a 6 foot distance between you and the folks sampling. Masks are encouraged but not required.

Please make sure you check folks drinking alcohol that they are over 21. You are responsible for making sure that you are not serving minors.

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