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3rd D Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
Mobile: +91 9314713597
Office: +91 7822094597
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Please make payment of ₹200 for Non-Commercial or ₹500 for Commercial property
Payment to be made to PayTM number ‪9314713597‬. Reply your mobile number below for our checking.
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Terms & Conditions
1. We will contact you over call and/or email to confirm your request before initiate search for your property. Non-refundable fee will be charged @ INR 200 for Non-Commercial, INR 500 for Commercial. This may be adjusted in the final brokerage.
2. Brokerage charged for rental will be equivalent of rent of at least one month or more, depending on the final terms of the agreement.
3. Brokerage charged for buy/sell may vary & will be decided based on your requirements.
4. Brokerage fee will be payable in advance prior to occupation of the property.
5. If buyer/lessee enters into agreement directly with the seller/lessor within 3 months of us showing the property to such buyer/lessee, our brokerage fee as notified would be payable within 7 days of occupation of the said property.
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