Application for SPRING Intensives 2017
Under the guidance of a mentor, participants will follow 5 days of SPRING Performing Arts Festival, watching performances, meeting artists, discussing emerging themes, sharing their own artistic practice and research, and exploring new thoughts and concepts. Please note: the Intensive entails full day sessions and watching performances in the evening.

18-22 May 2017, hosted by Lara Staal
Including works of Julian Hetzel, Marlene Freitas, Marcelo Evelin, Tian Rotteveel & Darlane Litaay, Bouchra Ouizguen, Katja Heitmann, Nick Steur, Marjolein Vogels & Coralie Vogelaar

The West has never been the centre of the world. But for a long time it has been viewed as such. With recent power shifts and economic change Europe and the West slowly but thoroughly realize that they no longer occupy the centre stage. Where do we stand as artists in this transition? How do we handle a Eurocentric heritage that has continually influenced the world and our perspective? How can we as artists and art field take responsibility and - in a society that becomes increasingly inward-looking - shift our perspective outside the West? What are forms of inclusive collaborations? Can we, through the use of art, give space to voices that are seldom heard? How to avoid paternalism and search for strategies of radical equality? And what are the frames in which a festival can invite work from outside the West without exoticizing it?

Lara Staal graduated from the MA Dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies she has been working three years as a programmer with Theater Frascati in Amsterdam. Now she works as a freelance curator, dramaturg (a.o. with Dries Verhoeven) and published several articles on curatorship, political art and the institution in a.o. Etcetera, Rekto:Verso and Theatermaker.

22-26 May 2017, hosted by Konstantina Georgelou and Danae Theodoridou
Including works of Katja Heitmann, Eko Supriyanto, Julian Hetzel, Ho Rui An, Elina Pirinen, Marjolein Vogels & Coralie Vogelaar, Nick Steur, and Juan Onofri Barbato.

What kind of actions can be created today in the frame of performance? And how can artists work towards the emergence of such actions (aesthetic, structural, collaborative, relational)? Hannah Arendt has described ‘action’ as the political capacity of appearing in the public sphere, intervening in social relations, and modifying social contexts. Given the fact such ‘action’ is something characterized primarily by plurality, boundlessness, and unpredictability, how can this still be created in the frame of neoliberal socio-political contexts that strive for ‘efficiency’, ‘creativity’, or ‘usefulness’?

Konstantina Georgelou is a performing arts theorist, dramaturge and researcher, working as a Lecturer at Utrecht University and at the ArtEZ University for the Arts. .

Danae Theodoridou is a performance maker and researcher based in Brussels. Her latest artistic work focuses on the notion of social imaginaries. At the same time, Danae teaches in various university departments and art conservatoires in Europe and publishes internationally.


Each SPRING Intensive program includes 5 full days of program, tickets to five performances of the festival, lunch and dinner (all days). The costs are €150,-. Accommodation and travel are not included in this price. Participants may choose to pay €165,- and receive a passepartout.

SPRING Intensive is open to (emerging) artists in the field of performance, from choreographers and performance makers, through writers and scenographers, to dramaturges and performers. A maximum of 10 participants per program will be accepted.

Please fill out this application form and send in the following documents to before Monday April 3rd:
• a letter of motivation (max. 500 words)
• a cv /portfolio

For further inquiries, please contact SPRING Academy via

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For 15,- euro extra, you can get a passe-partout for SPRING. Do you want SPRING Intensive including passe-partout for 165,- euro?
Thank you! Don't forget to send us your motivation and cv to before the 3rd of April 2017!
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