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IF YOUR DOG HAS NOT TAKEN GROUP CLASSES BEFORE JUST LIST "NONE". If you are adding yourself to the Agility Foundations wait-list please be aware that your dog MUST have completed group classes (anywhere) prior to registering in Agility Foundations. Please contact us if you would like recommendations for classes to take first.
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Does your dog have any issues with other dogs or people?
If your dog is reactive, and requires a personal bubble of space from other dogs, we will accommodate your dog as long as you have worked with (or are currently working with) a positive reinforcement trainer on your dog’s reactivity so that you are skilled at managing your dog and preventing dog-dog interactions in a group setting. Need a trainer for this? Let us know! We are happy to help!
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Please check all that apply. If you would like to be added to a wait-list for a higher-level rally-obedience, agility, tricks, or disc class please specify under "Other". **PLEASE NOTE:** You and your dog MUST have completed a set of group dog classes PRIOR to registering in our Agility Foundations class. See website for details. ALL CLASSES LISTED BELOW TAKE PLACE AT OUR BURNABY LOCATION - For Aldergrove/Langley Locations visit our website.
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PLEASE NOTE: Not all classes will run on all days of the week. Some classes will only run on certain days of the week due to Instructor and schedule availability.
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