WHS 2020-2021 FFA Officer Application
Think you have what it takes to make one of these corduroy blue jackets look good? Fill out the application below by April 16th 2021 and prepare yourselves for interviews after the application window closes.
Name (Last, First) *
Grade *
FFA Experience (Classes, Programs, Extracurriculars, etc.) *
Have you paid your dues for the 2020-2021 School Year? *
Agriculture Education classes enrolled in 2021-2022 School Year (NEXT YEAR): *
Officer Position You Feel You Would Best Be Suited For (Choose Top 2 Choices *
Why have you chosen the selected positions from above? *
What is the importance of the Wakefield FFA? *
Why do you want to be a chapter officer? *
Describe three leadership qualities you possess that would qualify you for a chapter officer. *
What would you do for the Wakefield FFA? *
How would you obtain and retain more FFA members? *
How would you obtain more FFA Alumni? *
What activities would you like to see the FFA involved in? *
List all other extracurricular activities that you are in (i.e. other clubs, sports teams, etc.) besides the FFA. *
When do these activities from question 8 take place? (i.e. Summer, Fall, all school year, etc.) *
Select one of your personal qualities and explain how it will be of value to the chapter officer team. *
What is your greatest weakness and why? *
What makes a great leader? *
What two FFA competitions could you see yourself competing in? *
List and describe three new activities for next year’s FFA officers. *
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