Talent-Movers Personality Test
In the next section there are 32 pairs of personality descriptions connected by a five point scale. For each pair,
you must choose where on the scale between them you think you are. For example, if the pair is
“angry” versus “calm”, you should circle a 1 if you are always angry and never calm, a 3 if you are half
and half, etc.
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Q1 *
makes lists
relies on memory
Q2 *
wants to believe
Q3 *
bored by time alone
needs time alone
Q4 *
accepts things as they are
unsatisfied with the ways things are
Q5 *
keeps a clean room
just puts stuff where ever
Q6 *
thinks "robotic" is an insult
strives to have a mechanical mind
Q7 *
Q8 *
prefer to take multiple choice test
prefer essay answers
Q9 *
Q10 *
easily hurt
Q11 *
works best in groups
works best alone
Q12 *
focused on the present
focused on the future
Q13 *
plans far ahead
plans at the last minute
Q14 *
wants people's respect
wants their love
Q15 *
gets worn out by parties
gets fired up by parties
Q16 *
fits in
stands out
Q17 *
keeps options open
Q18 *
wants to be good at fixing things
wants to be good at fixing people
Q19 *
talks more
listens more
Q20 *
when describing an event, will tell people what happened
when describing an event, will tell people what it meant
Q21 *
gets work done right away
Q22 *
follows the heart
follows the head
Q23 *
stays at home
goes out on the town
Q24 *
wants the big picture
wants the details
Q25 *
Q26 *
bases morality on justice
bases morality on compassion
Q27 *
finds it difficult to yell very loudly
yelling to others when they are far away comes naturally
Q28 *
Q29 *
works hard
plays hard
Q30 *
uncomfortable with emotions
values emotions
Q31 *
likes to perform in front of other people
avoids public speaking
Q32 *
likes to know "who?", "what?", "when?"
likes to know "why?"
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