WRCCS eCourse Info and Follow-up Survey 2019-20
Thank you for participating in a WRCCS eCourse via Buzz. Please fill out this short follow-up survey to let us know your thoughts on the eCourses we offer.

Note that we are also asking to collect a little bit about you. Tracking this information will help us record participation for future micro-credentials, fulfill the requirements of reporting attendance for our federal grant, as well as fulfill reporting requirements if you currently or someday hope to have a DPI charter schools grant. Thank you for your help!

The Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools looks forward to collaborating in order to provide you more great resources in the future.
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WRCCS serves as a place where people can come to help find potential governance board members to make their work stronger. Would you consider being added to our internal list of individuals who might be potentially interested in serving on the Governance Board of a charter school? *
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