Softball Ireland Tournament Request Form
In accordance with the Softball Ireland Constitution and Regulations, Softball Ireland has delegated the authority to the SI Tournaments Officer to approve tournaments subject to complying with the conditions set out below and within the Softball Ireland Regulations.
Please complete the form below no later than 6 weeks prior to the proposed tournament.
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Annex 1 – Application Procedure for Tournament Approval
i) The Host Team / Region / Discipline of a Tournament to be held on the island of Ireland involving the Softball Ireland Insurance policy must apply to the Softball Ireland Board or through its designated Agent for approval of the proposed Tournament under the Softball Ireland Regulations as early as possible but no later than six (6) weeks before the date of the proposed Tournament.

ii) The request must be in the applicable form as advised by the Softball Ireland Board.

iii) Only registered members in good standing with Softball Ireland are eligible for tournament approval.

iv) The request will be considered in accordance with the Softball Ireland Regulations and the decision on the request will be communicated to the applicant as soon as practical. In the event that approval of the request is denied, or granted on a conditional basis, particulars will be provided with respect to the denial or conditions imposed.

v) Should the delegated Agent of Softball Ireland deny a tournament application, the applicant may appeal in writing to the Softball Ireland Board within seven (7) days of receiving the decision. The decision of the Softball Ireland Board will be final on this matter.

Annex 2 – Mandatory Tournament Rules and Requirements
(i) Proposed tournament hosts must receive prior permission from Softball Ireland or its delegated Agent prior to advertising tournament.

(ii) Proposed tournaments must comply with Softball Ireland Regulations and the tournament host is responsible for ensuring that all regulations are complied with.

(iii) Proposed Tournaments must comply with the Softball Ireland Medical Policy and the tournament host is responsible for ensuring that the policy is complied with.

(iv) Any disciplinary issues, including but not limited to player ejections must be reported to Softball Ireland.

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