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         These Cops Take No Prisoners

The detectives sat down and instantly began berating the administration, particularly Capt. Tenson, their new commander.

“Why do they call him Capt. Kevlar?” one cop asked.

“Because insults bounce right off him,” Sgt. Johnson said.

Kevlar entered. “Thanks for being here promptly.”

“We can’t wait to be enlightened,” Johnson said.

“Excellent Enthusiasm!,” Kevlar said. “As you know, it’s impossible to insult me since I embrace feedback.”

“Maybe try embracing a toothpick. You got something in your teeth,” another detective said.

“Superb powers of observation, Detective.”

“Can we record this, Captain, for daily inspiration?”

“Definitely!” Kevlar beamed.

Johnson guffawed. “This’ll be epic.”

Prompt: impervious

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