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Admission to the Quran Clinic program is selective: because of the very limited capacity—there are just seven successful applicants. The application process prioritizes two things: your current level of recitation and your commitment to improving. The aim of the program is to build your confidence and help you improve your Quranic recitation bi ithnillah.


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Recitation Assessment
Create a recording of your recitation of surat Al-Fatihah (Surah #1) - name the file using your first name and last name
for example: sumayahhassan.mp3

To submit it, email an MP3 or Sound File to or record and submit it on Telegram (app) and send a message with your full name and recording to @TeamTadabbur


The Quran Clinic is completely FREE to join.

I would however encourage you, while it’s not required, it’s my hope and humble request that you’ll consider contributing to the Hifz Orphan campaign, by Penny Appeal. Sponsor orphans and help them complete their memorization of the Quran. A wonderful opportunity to share in the reward for ongoing charity (sadaqah jariyah) inshallah. May Allah accept from you.

For more details and to donate, visit:

** I have no involvement or access to the donations and am not involved in taking any part of the funds from this, all giving is done through penny appeal directly **

Are you ready to take your recitation to the next level inshallah?
I read each application carefully to select applicants who are the best fit possible. I won’t waste your time, and I hope you’ll respect the process by committing to the program if you are admitted.
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