LizardNet Minecraft server s2: Ban Appeal Form
Welcome! If you have been banned from LizardNet Minecraft server s2 (LizardNet Public 1), you may use this form to appeal your ban and request that you be unbanned.

Bans are permanent unless appealed.

As adhering to the server rules is a basic condition to access, please ensure that you have read and agree to adhere to the server rules at before requesting an unban.

In general, you will hear back from the operators with the decision within about seven business days.

Please do not have more than one application active at any given time. Please don't submit multiple applications, unless you've heard back from us!

If you have any questions regarding this form or LizardNet Minecraft in general, please join LizardIRC by clicking this link: - Or send us an email at minecraft-s2-support [at] helpdesk [dot] fastlizard4 [dot] org.
Review Ban Reason First
Please review the reason for your ban before proceeding. You should be able to see it by trying to log in to s2; however, you can also view a list of bans online at MCBans here:
Unbans Not Guaranteed
Note that you are not under any circumstances guaranteed that you will be unbanned on receipt of your appeal. Your appeal will be considered by the operators only if it appears to be a genuine appeal.

In addition, an approved appeal does not make you immune to bans - if you violate the rules again, you will be banned again.
Unban requests will be considered solely by the merit of the request and the operators' analysis of the situation. We don't care if you've donated hundreds of dollars to LizardNet Minecraft in the past. Nor do we care if a few hundred dollars mysteriously appeared in the LizardNet Minecraft accounts at the same time as your unban request (indeed, such mysterious donations would probably be rejected and refunded).
Minimum Time Between Appeals
You may not submit a ban appeal until one calendar week has passed since the enactment of your ban.

Furthermore, if your appeal is rejected, you may not submit another appeal until two calendar weeks after your rejected appeal was closed.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in your appeal being not considered and discarded.
Bans Without Appeal
If an operator has prepended a ban reason with "NO APPEAL", then you may not appeal the ban using this form. In this case, your access to LizardNet Minecraft has been permanently revoked.

Appeals regarding "NO APPEAL" bans will be not considered and discarded.
Privacy Notice
Any information you provide using this form is considered private and confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside of current, active operators on the Minecraft server.
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