2022-2023 Bain Middle School Stock Room Request
Please use this form to order supplies from the stock room throughout the year. This is the SAME link as last year.

We also have some lined paper with holes. Write a note in the "other" box if you prefer paper with holes.

If there is something you are looking for that is not listed below, please make a note in the "other" box at the end.  If we can accommodate your request we will include it with your order. :) We do NOT have hand sanitizer, tissues, masks, or cleaning supplies.
Please note that many items are available in limited quantities for the year. Please do your best to conservatively use copy paper and only order items that you need.

If you notice any errors in your order, please send me an email (kbergeron@cpsed.net).


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Your Last Name *
Please include first initial if you share a last name with someone.
Your Room Number *
If I am able I will send it to your room. Otherwise I will email you to pick it up in G9.
Copy Paper
Plan book
1 per year
Grade book
Available while supplies last. Please only order if you NEED it. 1 per year.
Desk Slips/Sign-out sheets
Graph Paper
Scrap paper
Large Lined Paper
Loose leaf paper (Large with holes)
Small Lined Paper
Math Paper
Teacher Detention slips
Construction Paper- Large sheets
5 sheet limit- Assorted
Small Index Cards 3x5
This is a limited item please conserve
Medium Index Cards 4x6
This is a limited item please conserve
Large Index Cards 5x8
This is a limited item please conserve
If you need more please indicate in the box at the end. We have a good supply of chalk :)
Small Paper Clips
Large Paper Clips
Scotch Tape
Masking Tape
Black Dry Erase Markers
Limited item
Colored Dry Erase Markers
Limited item
Dry erase board cleaner
Pens- Set of 3: 1 red, 1 black, 1 blue
This is a limited item
Binders- be specific
A limited number of 1," 2", and 3" are left. Please type the size you are looking for, color preference, and how many of each. (1" currently I have pink, blue, black)
Other/Special requests
We will accommodate what we can :)
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