iKinder Lesson Plan
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Invitation to Learning *
What was your driving question or primary goal/outcome for this lesson? -This should tell the teacher’s curriculum challenge -How can the students be engaged further in the study of the unit? -How can students be provided with opportunities to build their knowledge?
Objective(s) *
Common Core State Standards Addressed
-The actions the students will undertake -What is the assignment that the students will be given · Is it of project nature · Is it structured around a concept or facts · Is the task slightly different for each group · Do the students have the opportunity to teach others when they communicate their information · Are cognitive terms used to frame the task (classify, analyze, predict, create)
How do the tasks relate to knowledge levels - Bloom's Taxonomy *
Situations *
-When and where will the activities take place -How much time is allotted to the tasks -How are the students be encouraged to move through the phases of the project -How many steps are there in the project -Are there checkpoints for these steps
-How will the students work with each other, how will they interact with the teacher -How are the students grouped together · by similar abilities · by mixed abilities · with specific roles (researcher, designer, summarizer, presenter, etc.) · are the roles rotated -How much direct instruction is there -How are the students be encouraged to move through the phases of the project
Tools *
-What materials, equipment and resources are used -How are the tools introduced -How much preparation is needed with the tools · for the teacher · for the students -Should certain students be relied upon to act as tech experts -How are traditional, non-technical resources used in the lesson
Assessment *
-What criteria are used to evaluate the students -How are opportunities provided for the students to demonstrate their knowledge and teach others in the class -Should an assessment checklist or rubric be presented to the students before the project begins -What areas should be considered (technology, content, resources, collaboration, etc.)
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