Should I Stay, or Should I Go? A Survey
This survey is an instrument to gauge the probability of out-migration by residents living in areas exposed to Sea Level Rise, or other flooding factors associated to Global Climate Change. The survey asks about one’s personal experience with flooding.

The OED defines flooding as “The covering or submerging of normally dry land with a large amount of water.” The survey is intended to measure people's inclination for out-migration due to flooding from identified zip codes by self-selected respondents to the survey.

The kind of flooding is not determined; only the respondents experience or exposure to the covering or submerging of what to them is normally dry land by water.

The data collected does not ask for personal information. Respondents are asked for their zip code. No other identifying information is collected. The rest of the survey questions ask about personal experience with flooding, and the timelines over which these experiences have been had.

A few questions ask about how the respondents have or would respond to flooding. The survey then asks for information to assess flood events within zip codes; the number of times flooding has occurred; and, over how many years the flood events have taken place. The survey also asks for opinions about whether people would move from where they live due to flooding; and if so, how far would they go.

This survey is being made available through my own Google account and through posts of mine on Facebook. Please feel free to share this survey with any of your friends who may have information or experience with flooding and sea level rise.

Contact information: and markahebert[ ]gmail[ ]com

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