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For both group course & private lesson

Dear Student/ Parent,

Thank you for signing up your / your child’s music class at First Movement Music Academy. We are proud to be the leaders of play based classical music education in the Bay Area that use unique approaches to enhance beginners’ positive music learning experiences. We want to take students on a musical journey that helps them becoming better persons not only to impact their lives but others, too!

To complete your registration, please make your tuition payment before class starts. First month tuition for private and semi private lessons, full amount for group courses. Once payment is received via one of the three ways below, your lesson will be scheduled accordingly.

📍Zelle: 408-990-3788
📍PayPal: Email: info@first-movement.com
📍Check titled “First Movement Music Academy” with student’s name & class type

* Siblings 5% discount
*$50 a one time registration fee will apply to all students.

☀️Private (1 on 1)
30 minute lesson $45 per lesson
45 minute lesson $65 per lesson
60 minute lesson $85 per lesson

☀️Semi Private (Shared by 2)
30 minute lesson $55 per lesson
45 minute lesson $75 per lesson
60 minute lesson $95 per lesson

☀️Small Ensemble (Shared by 3 students)
45 minute lesson $85 per lesson
60 minute lesson $105 per lesson

Semi-Private: Student take turns playing instruments and work on theory/dictation
Small Ensemble: Each student receives full length of lesson on their own instrument .

☀️Group Courses (4 - 6 people):
Tuition and class duration varies depending on age group. Please check our website for Fall Class Schedules as well as Monthly FREE music Party.

For group courses, we will send a confirmation email to inform whether your classes are formed or not 2 days prior to class starting date. For private lessons, we will schedule your first 50% off Trial at your preferred schedule. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We look forward to creating music with you soon!
Thank you!

Sue Yang
Director of www.first-movement.com
1257 Lakeside Dr. Suite 100. Sunnyvale
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