Valdosta Middle School Rising 8th Grade Connections Form
Parents and Students,

In preparation for the upcoming school year our rising 8th grade students have the opportunity to assist in selecting their Connection classes. We have listed below the year long Connection courses offered for the 8th grade. Students also have the opportunity to earn High School credit for several connection courses. High School credit will be issued to students with passing grades at the completion of the course.

If your child participates in the AVID program, Band, OR Drama -- Select 1 year long class.
Otherwise, you may choose 2 year long classes.
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8th Grade Year Long Courses -- NO HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT
High School Credit Courses -- YEAR LONG **To be considered for High School Credit courses the following criteria will be considered: GPA, attendance, behavior, and faculty recommendations. Also, please note that selection of a course will assist us in planning, but class size is limited and does NOT guarantee your child’s placement. Also, only one section of some courses may be offered and may conflict with other year long classes. Please rank in order of preference. Prerequisite for Spanish: Passing English and on/above grade level reading levels
Health/Personal Fitness
Intro. to Business & Technology
Spanish I
Weightlifting (Boys/ Girls)
Intro. to Healthcare Science
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