MassBears: Report a Sighting
We are so excited to hear about your bear sighting, but a reminder that we are a research project. If for some reason you need assistance on how to deal with a bear in your backyard etc., you should contact the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife at 508-389-6300 or Environmental Police Dispatch at 800-632-8075 after you complete this form. Thank you all for your time!!
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What type of location did you see the bear? *
If at a residence or business, what was the full street address of bear sighting ? *
Please include Street and Number, Town, State, Zip. If no address, put N/A.
If not at a residence or business, please describe where you saw the bear (open space name).
Ex. Swift River Wildlife Management Area
GPS Coordinates (if known)
Latitude and Longitude, for example: 42.370611, -72.516972
What was the date of sighting?
What time did you see the bear?
How many bears did you see?
What was the bear doing? *
If you did not see the bear, but have evidence that it was in your yard, what did you see? Please submit a photograph with the below instructions if you have one.
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Any other notes or observations?
How did you hear about this project?
If you don't mind, please share your e-mail with us in case we have further questions.
For photo submission, after you submit this form you will be presented with a link for photo submission.
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