Volunteer Application for Stonewall Youth 2018
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Stonewall Youth is an organization of youth, activists, and allies that empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQQIA) youth to speak for themselves, educate their communities, and support each other. Stonewall Youth seeks motivated, independent volunteers. We appreciate folks with a strong social justice analysis who want to continue to build these skills with us. We support the development of strong leaders that are invested in building community and working towards dismantling inequitable power systems.
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JANUARY 5th: Applications Due!
JANUARY 10th: Group Interview!
JANUARY 19th, 12pm to 5pm: Training!
JANUARY 25th: 1st Shadow Day!

Please read the full application for an explanation of all the above points and make sure these date are available. If you have any scheduling conflicts, please send an e-mail to the info@stonewallyouth.org e-mail.

Volunteer Position Descriptions
Below is a description of each volunteer position that we may need at any given time. Please keep in mind that we will not always have openings available in every position due to the amount of volunteers we have or our own capacity and needs as an organization. We encourage you to select more than one position and be open to being flexible if an area that was your first choice is not open at this time. Our current process is such that we will review your application, set up an interview time, if that goes well we will move on to a volunteer training time (generally these are scheduled when there are enough people to benefit from them at once, generally they will happen quarterly), and once the training is completed and the contract is reviewed, you will be given the green light to proceed with your volunteer position. Please let us know if you have any questions about this process or any of the positions.
Program Volunteer
Program volunteers will work closely with youth participants and the staff collective to staff drop in hours. Tasks will include: creating workshops,creating regular programming, interacting one-on-one and with groups of youth participants, daily cleaning, buying and delivering food to Stonewall (with our food donors/money), supporting and encouraging youth leadership, creation and, and projects. An ideal program volunteer will be highly self motivated, willing to take direction and criticism, have a solid understanding of systems of oppression and how not to duplicate them, commit to trainings, be willing to attend volunteer meetings at least once a month. It is required to meet with the volunteer coordinator at the end of your first month to re-evaluate a continuing contract. Please check our drop in times before committing to this position. Drop in hours consists of a total of 9 hours a week plus a 2 hour volunteer meeting once a month, and a 2 hours time period for support group (that is not open to program volunteers immediately), so consider this before applying. We highly encourage collaborative work when there are multiple volunteers for this position!
Outreach Volunteer
Outreach volunteers will work primarily outside of Stonewall but may observe and interact with the space in order to best represent Stonewall in the community. This may consist of asking staff questions, requesting speaking prompts or 'elevator pitches', gathering outreach materials, learning about our programs in order to best represent them to potential participants, and much more; don't be afraid to ask! Tasks include: reaching out to school and other youth centered facilities via e-mail, phone, etc. using our database or your own knowledge, visiting schools and other facilities centering QTPOC youth, providing information to youth centered spaces about Stonewall and our programs that people can plug into, hanging fliers about our programs and space at various outreach points, tabling at events (including but not limited to: internship fairs, volunteer fairs, L&I donor fairs, shows, etc.), spreading the word. Ideal outreach interns would have a strong personal knowledge of intersecting identities especially as they pertain to current youth in the three counties we serve, strong sense of self motivation, good communication skills, solid understanding of systems of oppression and how not to duplicate them, commitment to training, commitment to staff meetings and communication with staff.
Fundraising Volunteer
Fundraising volunteers will generally work closely with the staff but may also interact with youth participants as needed. As the title suggests, fundraising volunteers will be dedicated solely to fundraising for Stonewall. Tasks include: creating fundraising events or campaigns, apply to and/or write small or large scale grants, meet up with and talk to funders/donors, strengthen or create donor networks, host Facebook and other social media fundraising campaigns, locate and gain support of new donors, get community involved and invested in fundraising. Ideal fundraising volunteers are highly self motivated and regulated, outgoing and willing to take charge on projects, are in tune with and connected to the local community, have a solid understanding of systems of oppression and how not to duplicate them, can commit to trainings, commit to meeting and communicating with staff as requested.
Administrative Volunteer
Administrative volunteers will support staff with a variety of admin duties and will generally not interact with youth participants as much. Tasks include: checking e-mails from multiple accounts and forwarding them to the necessary people, supporting staff with accounting and financial tasks, archiving, filing work, organizing resources, updating resources, ensuring data is up to date, updating forms, and more. The ideal administrative volunteer is self motivated, willing to work outside of Stonewall, has strong organizational skills, commit to trainings, have a solid understanding of systems of oppression and how not to duplicate them, and is an effective communicator.
Support Group Volunteer
Support Group volunteers will work closely with youth participants in one of our core programs. Due to the sensitive nature of this work, we require at least a month of staffing drop ins via program support before shadowing for a minimum of 3 support group sessions. After the previous has been achieved, we may transition you to facilitating support group with a staff present. Depending on youth length of time with us, your dedication, and future plans, the position may evolve further. With the above in consideration, we strongly suggest at least a 1 year commitment for this type of position. Tasks include: previously stated requirements (see program volunteer position for details), after requirements met: bi-weekly facilitation, debrief with staff (during staff meeting, after support group, or a different discussed time), recording of participant data, facilitation of discussion, support, and feedback. Ideal support group volunteers would have a background in or would be currently studying psychology/psychiatry, social work, or other types of humanities related to supporting difficult situations (often where trauma is involved as well), have great communication skills and be willing to communicate with staff, be committed for a long period of time, have a solid understanding of systems of oppression and how not to duplicate them, have experience with or be willing to learn about mandated reporting.
Social Media Volunteer
Social media volunteers will primarily only interact with staff, but may also interact with youth during drop ins or at events to best update social media outlets. Tasks include: posting daily (or often) on Facebook and other platforms (as available or if you choose to create them), post reminders about drop ins, events, and workshops, find videos to share to our media outlets and create media for Stonewall to use (i.e. videos, memes, posters, etc.) Ideal social media volunteers will have a solid understanding and practice of not duplicating systems of oppression (especially in regards to language, video, and other media), have a solid awareness of source material and willingness to research before posting, has a good working knowledge of popular social media apps and sites, willing to work outside of Stonewall, commit to training, and is an effective communicator.
Event Volunteer
Event volunteers differ from one-time volunteering to support an event. Event volunteers will be solely dedicated to getting a major event up and running and thus will only be necessary to Stonewall on occasion. It is a rare position to open up as we only have 1 or 2 major events per year. That being said, if you have a major event (involving fundraising preferably) that you would like to propose and plan, we are MORE than willing to hear it! Please suggest any event and staff will discuss it. Event volunteers will also work more closely with the staff collective, but will meet with youth participants occasionally as well/as needed/as desired. Tasks include: creating the event (if there is not one already in process or if you have an idea to bring to the table), support larger events that are being put on by Stonewall, attend planning meetings for said event(s), work on procurement of items, sponsors, and donors, help advertise for the event, tap into networks to spread the word, run errands closer to the event time for supplies such as food, decorations, etc., attend the event and provide information to guests/participants, come for set up and break down. Some examples of events you may wan to create could be; music festivals, pride events, galas, donor/volunteer/community appreciation events, etc! The list is endless!
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