K&J Super Session Questionnaire
For new clients on Jonathan Maxim's customized startup advising program "Super Sessions"
About You - What's your name? *
Where are you located? City, State *
What are you working on? List just 1 project / business. Please explain very clearly: what you're building, who it's for, what differentiates you, what stage the product is at, what your vision is for the brand? *
Can you describe the team working on this initiative? Who, which roles, how many hours per week? *
Are you selling yet? *
If yes, what is your unit price for your core product?
Which tech platforms are you currently using? Website, tech, email, social, project management etc *
Which marketing platforms are you currently using? *
Are there any other marketing tactics you all are doing? Please list in detail
Link to your website? If none - please link to product images and descriptions *
What are your sales targets? How many units/downloads? At what price? *
What is your monthly marketing budget for your startup?
What's your biggest challenge today? *
Your ideal top 3 takeaways from our session *
Which of these tracks sounds most relevant to you? *
Thanks for your time! I'll send this over to the team now. If you have questions, please shoot me a note at hello@kjgrowth.com
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