TIO - Token Investor Online Community Based Survey, Help us to Improve our Service!
TIO - Token Investor Online wants to gather as much information as possible about the community needs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The Market is saturated with online news and reviews outlets, therefore, we'd like to distinguish ourselves asking the community what they would like to read while navigating on our web portal.
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1. Do you know about cryptocurrencies and have you invested in it? *
2. Do you know or follow TIO - Token Investor Online? *
3. In the previous question, if you answered "I've seen it, but stopped following it" can you tell us why?
4. Between these categories: Crypto News, ICO Reviews, STO Reviews, Altcoin Reviews, Crypto Guides, Opinions, which one are you most interested in? *
5. What would you like to see majorly in an ICO/STO Review article? *
6. In a comparison section, would you prefer to have more competitors with a more generic comparison, or less competitors but with a more detailed comparison? *
7. Are you more interested in the review itself or in the final rating with pros and cons? *
8. How would you change the current articles structure? *
9. What is your biggest problem with getting information in the crypto world? *
Thank you for your support and feel free to add anything else that could help us to provide a better service.
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