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GAIN is an international non-profit platform operated by a network of volunteering graduate students. Our main goal is to help underrepresented groups get access to higher education across the world. 

To achieve that, we have a system of mentorship between our volunteer mentors and the young people from underrepresented groups who take part in the program.

We are currently looking for new volunteer mentors who are willing to become a part of our network. If you would like to be a mentor in GAIN, kindly fill out this form.

Registration deadline: October 8, 2023.

All your information stays confidential and will only be available to our recruiting team.

Please see our website for more info.  
Mentors' responsibilities 
  1. Collaborate with GAIN in planning the mentorship structure.
  2. Arranging regular meetings (to be decided and agreed upon by mentor and mentee) to discuss necessary steps and actions for successful application to at least one graduate program.
  3. Consultation on how to search for information on graduate schools, labs, professors, and scholarships.
  4. Provide constructive feedback on: mentee's CV, statement of purpose, study plan, cover letter, school, lab and/or professor selection, etc.
  5. Application review before submission.
  6. At the end of the mentorship, provide feedback on your experience so as to help improve the program.
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