Terawellers 2019 - Terawih Nights
This Ramadhan, wouldn't it be nice to experience Terawih in various mosques across the island? Not only can you savour the best of the Terawih ambience & moods, you also benefit from the reward of iktikaf in them.

Introducing Terawellers - short for Terawih Travellers.

We've identified 4 different mosques at different parts of Singapore (central, east, west and north), one for each of the Friday nights of Ramadhan this year. You may join whichever night that suits you. You may even invite friends along.

Please click on the registration link and pick the event (date & mosque). You’ll be surprised at who else you can befriend and share the blessings of terawih with. You may even travel with other Terawellers whom you may or may not already know.

No transport is arranged for but we do encourage sharing of transport for those who drive/ride or grabhitch. Or hop on the nearest public transport to the mosque of choice.

The events are open to invited members and their families and friends.

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