Division 1: Melbourne to Tooborac
Melbourne to Moliagul MGCC Event
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Stage 1.1: Question 1:
As you pass through the intersection of Blackburn and Whitehorse Roads, what public building is on your right? (Hint: Use the Legend of the map)
Stage 1.1: Question 2:
What creek do you cross on your way to Box Hill?
Stage 1.1: Question 3:
How many miles from Via 1 to Via 2? (Hint: Use the scale of the map (1 inch : 1 mile)
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Stage 1.1: Question 4:
What Railway Station is just before Via 2?
Stage 1.1: Question 5:
Bonus question … (local knowledge). What railway line is/was this station part of?
Stage 1.1: Question 6:
What is the junction at Via 3 usually known as?
Stage 1.1: Question 7:
What river do you cross twice?
Stage 1.1: Question 8:
What park do you drive through after crossing the river?
Stage 1.1: Question 9:
At the finish, what park are you overlooking?
Stage 1.2: Question 1:
What public building is to be found 1 mile generally North of Via 1?
Stage 1.2: Question 2:
What object is to be found at Via 2 ? (Hint: Use Legend again)
Stage 1.2: Question 3:
After leaving Via 3, what vegetation are you driving through?
Stage 1.2: Question 4:
How many kilometres along the “rally route” is it from Via 3 to Via 4? (Hint: Use the alternative scale of the map.) Choose (the closest) from one of the following:
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Stage 1.2: Question 5:
How many times do you cross Koonung Creek on this stage?
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Stage 1.2: Question 6:
What direction are you travelling in as you enter Via 4:
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Stage 1.3: Question 1:
After leaving the start, what river do you cross?
Stage 1.3: Question 2:
After crossing the river, what creek do you cross?
Stage 1.3: Question 3:
Where would be a good place to discover new information about this area?
Stage 1.3: Question 4:
What road are you travelling on when you pass through Watson’s Creek?
Stage 1.3: Question 5:
After turning at Via 2, what reservoir is in your rear view mirror?
Stage 1.3: Question 6:
How high is One Tree Hill?
Stage 1.3: Question 7:
What road are you turning into at Via 3?
Stage 1.3: Question 8:
What town is closest to the confluence of Arthur’s Creek and Diamond Creek?
Stage 1.3: Question 9:
What reservoir do we skirt around?
Stage 1.3: Question 10:
What do you cross that has since been abandoned?
Stage 1.3: Question 11:
After turning into Donnybrook Road, what hill do you ascend?
Stage 1.3: Question 12:
What is the last creek crossed before the finish?
Stage 1.3: Question 13:
Where is the finish? …….…(Bonus points … name three acts that played at its namesake festival.)
Stage 1.4: Question 1:
What creek runs through Darraweit Guim?
Stage 1.4: Question 2:
How high is Pretty Sally?
Stage 1.4: Question 3:
After turning out of the Darraweit-Wallen Road, towards Pretty Sally, what is the (approximate) gradient of the climb?
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Stage 1.4: Question 4:
How far from Via 3 to High Camp?
Stage 1.4: Question 5:
What creek do you cross North of Mollison’s Monument?
Stage 1.4: Question 6:
What creek runs through the finish?
Stage 1.4: Question 7:
How many times do you cross the dismantled railway line?
Stage 1.5: Question 1:
What distance have you travelled, from the start of this stage, to get to Via 1?
Stage 1.5: Question 2:
As you leave Via 1, what road have you turned out of?
Stage 1.5: Question 3:
What 2-dimensional shapes will you find at Via 2?
Stage 1.5: Question 4:
What creek (system) supplies the Tooborac reservoir?
Stage 1.5: Question 5:
How high is Mount Lookout?
Stage 1.5: Question 6:
How far from Via 2 to the finish?
Stage 1.5: Question 7:
List 3 sporting facilities located within 2 kilometres of the finish.
Stage 1.5: Question 8:
Where is the finish?
Stage 1.5: Question 9:
The time set for this stage is 38 minutes. If you have averaged 67 km/hr for the 34.54 km you have travelled by the time you reach Tooborac, what speed would you need to maintain for the rest of the stage to get to the finish on time?
End of Division 1
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