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Please answer honestly and with as much detail as you can!
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About You
This section is so we can get to know you a bit better!
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What makes you unique to the other applicants? *
Tell us why we should consider you over the other applicants.
What hobbies do you pursue? *
Tell us a little about who you are outside of SteelBite and Minecraft.
What is your biggest strength?
This does not need to be about Minecraft or SteelBite specifically.
What is your biggest weakness? *
Tell us how we could help you improve, should you be accepted to the team.
How many hours are you willing to give to SteelBite on a weekly basis? *
Having a low play-time will not disqualify you from being staff, we'd just like a heads up!
How much experience do you have with the following server types: Factions; SkyBlock; Creative; KitPvP; Parkour; Survival? *
Tell us a little bit about what servers you've played and what your experience with these gamemodes was like. If you've never tried one of the above, simply ignore it.
Have you ever been punished on SteelBite *
Tell us about any punishments you've received on the network and why you were given them. Having a lengthy history will not stop you from being a staff member if you can prove to us you have improved from it!
Scenario Questions
There are no wrong answers to these questions, they are here so we can see how you would deal with certain situations.
You've just muted a popular player on SteelBite and now their friends are spamming you to unmute them! How do you respond to this? *
The server has started to lag and the players are getting unhappy. What do you do? *
A player has called you out for abusing your permissions! How do you resolve the issue? *
That's all we need from you!
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