2021 LSGBA Cougar Classic Team Guidelines
Event Timing: January 16th-17th, 2021
Event Contact: John Barta - jasanbarta@gmail.com - 612-269-1185
Team Guidelines and Procedures
Our tournament will operate differently this year due to current district health regulations and Minnesota Department of Health directives as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While each MN district has their own rules for their schools and facilities, we must abide by the guidelines and rules set forth by our Lakeville district to offer this tournament to you. All guidelines contained below were made with minimizing cross-traffic and contact with other teams. This was done by creating “groups” of teams, officials and volunteers that will all be in the building together at once for a minimal time period to play all required games, and when completed a complete different “group” of teams, officials and volunteers will start.


• It will be communicated that any player, coach, official or support staff stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms prior to the tournament – or LSGBA has the right to excuse/send home any player, coach, official or support staff if any symptoms are present during tournament play.

• ALL participants must read AND SIGN the Waiver, Release, and Hold Harmless Agreement provided to teams to play or participate. By playing or participating in the 2021 LSGBA Cougar Classic Tournament, they agree to this waiver.

• **MASKS** In accordance with MDH requirements, ALL players MUST wear masks as intended by the manufacturer during game play and at all times while in the gym. Per the MDH the ONLY exception will be made for players providing a signed doctor's note stating their medical condition. The doctor's note must be supplied upon entry. Coaches are responsible for monitoring their players and providing enough breaks if needed.

• Masks, hand sanitizer and other PPE must be provided by the participating teams. Very limited supplies of these materials will be available to participating teams.

• Each facility site will have sanitizer and disinfectant available throughout the venue. It is recommended that players, coaches, officials, and support staff sanitize their hands before and after each game.

• We will have medical personnel to be on site for our tournament at Lakeville North High School and Lakeville South High School to handle any injuries that may occur.

• During the 30-minute period between 3 game sessions the gym area, benches and equipment from the previous games will be wiped down and sanitized before the next session. Sanitizing will also be done in between games within each 3 game session. This will be handled by our LSGBA association volunteers.

• LSGBA will keep an accurate log of scheduled opponents for each team, including the teams contact information. In case someone gets infected, this can be used for contact tracing.


• LSGBA will post signage promoting physical distancing and traffic flow in each facility used, as well as have volunteers to help direct traffic for incoming and outgoing games.

• Teams will be admitted FIRST no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of their first game. Teams and their spectators should remain in their vehicles until a text is send to the coach(1st) and team manager(2nd). Once they are in the gym, spectators will be allowed to enter - no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of their first game. The designated team manager will get a text notifying them when they are permitted to enter.

• The same entrance for each group of teams entering for each session will be used for the exit. 3 game sessions will not overlap with other 3 game sessions maintaining safe physical distancing measures.

• Clear guidelines, rules, maps will be communicated to all teams prior to the event, as well as posted at each facility.


• NO concessions will be offered in any facility. Players and coaches can bring their own snacks.

• Players will need to bring their own water bottles which can be filled by the water fillers. There is to be no sharing of water bottles between teammates.

• Fountains will be off – only the water fillers will be on.


• Each team will receive 16 wristbands to be issued to all adults per team including coaches. EACH ADULT MUST WEAR A WRISTBAND to be admitted. Upon coach check-in, and roster verification, the coach will receive an envelope of wristbands that can be passed out to spectators and coaches to get into the tournament. TEAMS will enter first, be ushered to their designated staging area. Once in the gyms, spectators will be admitted.

• Each team must submit a spectator list that will be present during game times. This will be used for contact tracing. SPECTATORS MAY NOT TRADE WRISTBANDS DURING A SESSION OF GAMES. There will be NO reentry.

• No additional wristbands will be granted or passed out beyond 16.

• NO WRISTBAND = NO ENTRY. There will be NO reentry.

• All spectators will only be allowed in the building 10 minutes before their scheduled first game start time, and must wait outside the building until called in. ** LSGBA volunteer staff will text the designated team manager to alert them when they may enter.

• NO outside chairs are allowed in any buildings, and there will be NO inside chairs or benches available to sit on in any buildings.

• Any spectators will need to stand and socially distance themselves when watching any game.

• All spectators will be required to wear a mask during their entire time inside the building (entry/games/exit).

• Each team is being asked to provide a score keeper/clock worker and a team manager in charge of monitoring health and safety from their spectator group.

• For those who are unable to watch the games in person, LSGBA will be offering LIVE STREAMING for each game through BallerTV. Details and information on how to access this will be posted on the LSGBA website (www.lsgba.com) and communicated to participating teams.


• Only be a MAXIMUM OF 12 TOTAL PEOPLE per team allowed on the bench at one time (split up between all players AND coaches). There is a maximum of 3 coaches on the bench allowed. For instance, if there are 10 players, only 2 coaches will be allowed on the bench. If there are 11 players, only 1 coach will be allowed. If there are 8 players, a maximum of 3 coaches are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• A roster form was emailed to each coach and MUST be completed prior to THURSDAY, JANUARY 14th. 10 PM

• In addition to players and coaches, each team will designate 1 team manager/health observer and 1 parent that must work at the scorers table. The Team Manager can be a parent spectator used to help coordinate distribution of wristbands as well as provide masks, hand sanitizer and other needs as they arise for their team.

• All participants (players/coaches/officials) will be REQUIRED to wear face coverings at all times INCLUDING DURING PLAY. This is in accordance with the MDH requirements for youth sports. This means entering and exiting the facility, and at any time while in the facilities.

• Players not active on the court will be required to social distance from each other on the sidelines whenever possible (sit apart in every other chair).

• Teams will refrain from handshake lines/other contact from opposing team when not active in a court game.

• No touch rule – Players must refrain from physical contact not directly related to the playing of the game. Coaches and officials must refrain from all contact with each other and players.

• Teams will be required to bring necessary hand sanitizing products and face masks to their games (LSBGA will also have
limited hand sanitizing products on each court).

• There will be no area outside the gym for your team to rest, leave their bags, or have any team meetings.

• When a game has finished, each team will gather their bags and equipment and immediately go to the next gym area for their next game. If your team does not need to move, please keep your bags in the same bench area used for the previous game (do not move to the opposite bench).


• Our tournament is a ONE DAY FORMAT where a certain number of teams play all their games on one day
(Saturday) and a different set of teams play all their games on a separate day (Sunday).

• Each team will be scheduled to use the SAME facility for all their games and not using multiple facilities.

• Game format will be 3 games played in a row. There will be a MAXIMUM of a 5 minute warm up.

• HOME team is the top team in the bracket. HOME team will provide the game ball. If both teams have the same color uniforms, VISITORS will change.

• To ensure games are about 45 minutes long and on time as scheduled, as well as providing enough breaks to accommodate the mask mandate for players and regardless of play level or officials calls, we will be using 4 - 9 minute running time quarters with a 1 minute break between the 1st and 2nd quarter as well as between the 3rd and 4th quarter. There will be a 3 minute half time.

• Only the last 2 minutes in the SECOND HALF ONLY will there be stoppage time for fouls if the score differential is under 15 points.

• There will also be stoppage time for any time outs (2 total per team entire game). Each time out length is 30 seconds maximum.

• Complete game rules have been provided to teams.

• When a game has finished, each team will gather their bags and equipment and immediately go to the next gym area scheduled for their next game. If your team does not need to move, please keep your bags in the same bench area used for the previous game (do not move to the opposite bench). When a teams last game concludes, they may exit the gym the same way they came in. Please exit immediately after your game so that LSGBA staff may begin sanitizing for the next group of games.
By entering my name and team information below, I HAVE READ the above guidelines and procedures. I have also communicated them to my players and parents. My team and families that attend, agree to follow these procedures for the 2021 Cougar Classic Tournament. *
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