Hale Teens and Kids Program Survey
Hi All. We want to know from you what you want in our teens and kids CrossFit programs. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to help guide our program. Hale Kids is for kids ages 8-11 and Hale Teens is for teens ages 12-17 years old, but there is also a question about a class for even smaller kids. Thank you for your time! - Katie
Are your teens or children currently enrolled in one of our programs? *
If your child(ren) is (are) in our program, which one(s) are they in?
For child(ren) who are not in our program, if they were to enroll, which program would they enroll in?
If your child(ren) are not in one of our programs, what are the one or two biggest reasons they are not? (If time is a factor, please indicate if you mean your time in general or if you mean the current times of the classes do not work for you.)
Your answer
With teens, we often hear that the day of the CrossFit classes overlap periodically with sports practice. If we ran the teens class 5 days a week, would this greatly increase the likelihood of enrolling your teen in the Hale program?
Would you prefer the kids and/or teens program to be ongoing or run in 4-6 week sessions at various times during the year?
If you have kids ages 4-6 years old, would you be interested in a Little Haler's class once a week?
What do you or would you like most for your child out of a CrossFit program for them?
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