2014-2015 ARIA Network - Application

Opera ARIA Network - Application
2014-15 School Year

Please complete this form
by May 27 (for a May/June interview),
or by August 15 (for an August/September interview) for the fall-only or year‐long program,
or by September 15 for the spring-semester program.

If you any questions, please contact Joey Castaneda, School Programs Associate, at jcastaneda@sfopera.com or (415) 551-6296.

    Opera ARIA Network - Description

    The goal of the Opera ARIA Network is to create an in-depth course of study that connects multiple artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula, customized to a particular school and to specific classrooms. It is a project-based learning program that meets numerous Common Core State Standards (see attached ELA-focused “Opera ARIA is Common Core!” document) as well as other academic and artistic Learning Standards. The Network is a collaborative, arts-integration program that requires educator participation as a partner in design and implementation, and as the leader in making classroom connections. The Opera ARIA Network is built on these key elements: • an in-school partnership between educators and an Opera Teaching Artist (TA); • a professional development series (one per month) for all participating educators; and • the utilization of at least four opera resources to ensure a robust, multi-dimensional learning experience for the students. Grades: K-8 Requirements: 1) A minimum of 2 dedicated educators per school, with supportive administration. 2) Educators who will participate in professional development. We provide up to 20 hours fall semester and up to 10 in the spring semester (approximately 30 hours per year). There is a requirement of attendance based on number of years in the program: 1st year, 70% of PD offered; 2nd & 3rd, 50%; Lead Your Own Program, 30%. There will be an option to obtain Continuing Education Units for participation in Opera PD. 3) Educators who will meet with the TA for a weekly planning meeting. 4) Educators who will support the program with their class between TA visits. 5) Educators who, in the 2nd year of the program, agree to take on a leadership role of their choice. 6) Educators who, beginning with the 4th year of the program, agree to take on more leadership and begin the LYOP* version of the Opera ARIA Network. * LYOP = Lead Your Own Program Fee: $1500 yearly per school for 4‐5 class participation. This fee is for Bay Area Public Schools with 30%+ Socio Economic Disadvantage status. Partial scholarships are available. (Actual program cost is $20,000 per year for a 4-5 class participation). Other Schools: Please contact us for fee information.

    Opera ARIA Network Program Details:

    Working together with a San Francisco Opera (SF Opera) Teaching Artist (TA), participating educators develop individual strategies for opera integration through a multi-step in-school partnership. Key elements: • The Network program is an experiential arts integration program that focuses on opera and connects to arts and academic curricula. • The students will: o Be introduced to and experience multiple aspects of opera, o Study an existing opera and see it (live or movie), o Create and share a mini-opera. • The partnership between educators and an Opera TA includes: o TA co-leading opera instruction in the classroom with the educator for up to 14 weekly TA visits per classroom per semester (up to 28 visits per year); see LYOP description on page 5 for information about TA participation in Year 4 and beyond. o TA acting as an ongoing guide for the educators and as “production manager” in fulfilling the selected opera resources and overseeing the arc of program activity. o Planning meetings between the educators and TA on each school visit day. o Continued program implementation by the educator between TA visits. • Access to guest artists for an additional up to 5 visits per classroom for a semester (up to 7 visits per year). • A professional development series for all participating educators, with a requirement of attendance based on number of years in the program (see page 1). • The utilization of at least four opera resources to ensure a robust, multi-dimensional learning experience for the students (see page 3 for a list of resources). • Opera TAs have expertise in opera and more than one of these arts: poetry and scriptwriting, composing, directing, singing and stage presentation. • Guest Artists have expertise in the same areas of the arts above and visual design.

    Professional Development Program Information:

    An environment of collective, cross-school learning is created for educators in professional development (PD) via a network of participating administrators and educators from all partner schools, and SFO Teaching Artists and administrators. Network PD experiences provide educators with strategies for curriculum development by allowing them to share successes, challenges, and best practices through shared experiences. The goals of these sessions are to: • Introduce educators and administrators to opera. • Share ideas about how to introduce opera to students. • Experience opera resources and discuss how they can enhance each educator’s curriculum and how to best prepare students for the experiences. • Grow educators’ ability to lead opera education with students and prepare educators for participation in the LYOP program (see description on page 5) in Year 4+. • There is a requirement of attendance based on number of years in the program (see page 1.) • PDs are scheduled monthly on different days of the week/times – typically, 2 are on school days, 2-3 are on Saturdays for a half- or full-day, and the remaining are on weekdays after school from 4-7pm. • SFO offers academic credit (CEUs) through Cal State East Bay for our professional development offerings. This course can be taken for one credit (10 hours of PD), one and a half credits (15 hours of PD), or two credits (20 hours of PD), and costs $89 per unit. Network PD – 2014-2015 School Year September : Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm = 3 hours October: Friday, October 10 - 9:00am – 4:00pm = 7 hours ALL DAY WEEKDAY Saturday, October 11 – 9:00am – 3:00pm = 6 hours ALL DAY WEEKEND DAY November: No PD December: Weekday 4:00pm – 7:00pm OR Weekend 9:00am – 12:00pm = 3 hours January: 9:00am – 4:00pm = 7 hours ALL DAY WEEKDAY February: Individual School PD – date and time individual = 2 hours March: Weekday 4:00pm – 6:00pm OR Weekend 9:00am – 11:00am = 2 hours April: No PD

    OPERA ARIA NETWORK – Resources

    Opera ARIA Network educators have access to multiple opera resources that provide their students with an in-depth, multi-dimensional opera education experience. These resources are experiential in nature and can be selected by educators to help bring the operatic experience alive. Admission to San Francisco Opera Final Dress Rehearsals at War Memorial Opera House • Verdi’s A Masked Ball, Wednesday, October 1, 6:30pm-10:00pm (grade 5 and up) • Handel’s Partenope, Saturday, October 11, 6:00pm-9:30pm (grade 5 and up) • Rossini’s Cinderella, Wednesday, November 5, 6:30pm-9:30pm (grade 3 and up) • Puccini’s La Bohéme, Wednesday, November 12, 2:00pm-5:30pm (grade 4 and up; a “working rehearsal” not a final dress rehearsal) • Berlioz’ The Trojans, Tuesday, June 2, 5:30pm-11:00pm (grade 5 and up) • Tutino’s Two Women, Tuesday, June 9, 6:00pm-9:00pm (grade 5 and up) • Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Thursday, June 11, 2:00pm-5:30pm (grade 5 and up) In-School visits with Artists at the Opera • Production Designers with expertise in visual design for theater and/or opera o Set & Prop Design and Creation (Spring only) o Costume Design (grade 4 and up) • San Francisco Opera Adler Fellows o Two singers and one pianist perform arias/duet from opera(s) being studied, sing an opera excerpt with the students, talk about their careers, and participate in a Q & A session. o The Teaching Artist will moderate the session and work with the educator to prepare the students before the visit and reflect after. In-School visits with San Francisco Opera Partners • San Francisco Girls Chorus • San Francisco Boys Chorus • Pacific Boychoir Academy o One of the three choruses will visit your school to model good singing technique and join in song with your students. The visit is led by the chorus’ teaching staff. • San Francisco Conservatory of Music (these operas are provided at an extra cost) o Performances of abridged staged operas in English feature Conservatory students either at the school or at the Conservatory’s Concert Hall. San Francisco Opera’s “Opera in an Hour” Movies (in DVD format) • Mozart’s The Magic Flute from SFO’s Fall 2007 production (in English) • Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love from SFO’s Fall 2008 production (in English) • Puccini’s The Girl of the Golden West from SFO’s Spring 2010 production (in Italian) • Bizet’s Carmen from SFO’s Fall 2011 production (in English) • Rossini’s The Barber of Seville from SFO’s Fall 2013 production (in English) • Corresponding educational materials to incorporate each opera into your curriculum Other general opera resources (such as books, CDs, DVDs and websites)

    OPERA ARIA NETWORK – Leadership Positions

    for returning ARIA Network educators In an effort to promote continued growth and development of our partnering educators, we ask that returning educators fulfill one of the following leadership roles within the Opera ARIA Network. NOTE: Certain leadership roles require a commitment to the full-length of the partnership, be that a semester or year (as indicated). Educators new to the program are not required to fulfill a leadership position. Mentor a new Network educator within your school • Share lesson plans, strategies and general program guidance with a new educator • Attend all weekly planning meetings between the new educator and Teaching Artist Serve as your school’s Arts Contact (full length of the partnership; one per school) • Facilitate all communication between educators and SF Opera Education administrators • Complete and submit all resource requests and R.S.V.P.s • Schedule regular Teaching Artist visits (with assistance of the Education office) and reschedule when educators are unable to meet at regular times throughout the year Be the Documentation Specialist for your school’s Opera program (full length of the partnership; one per school) • Ensure that adequate documentation occurs in each classroom (e.g. student work, evaluation, video, photos, etc.) • Gather and organize the documentation collected from your school • Provide access of your school’s documentation archive to SF Opera Education administrators Act as Arts Advocate in your school community for Opera activities (full length of the partnership; one per school) • Become familiar with your school’s arts funding sources and share this information with your Network team • Represent the interests of the opera program in your school’s PTA, advisory boards, etc. • Collaborate with your school’s other Network educators to spread awareness on campus • Assist in planning a Family Arts Event at your school • Report to SF Opera Education administrators about advocacy efforts Be an Opera Resource Consultant for your or other Network schools • Designate one opera resource with which you have the most experience integrating into your curriculum (If you choose this option, indicate the opera resource on the application) Provide mentorship in this area to educators at your and/or other schools during Network and/or school-based professional development sessions at least one time per year Participate in SFO Education‘s “Opera Club” • Explore the season’s operas and help create curriculum ideas for your fellow educators to be published on the SF Opera Education website • Attend a series of two meetings per opera and watch a video of the opera (1 opera for the 1 semester program; 2 operas over the full year) Lead your own classroom opera program (full year; 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year Network educators only) • Required for educators in their 4th year+ of the ARIA Network program • Lead half of the Network lessons with your students on your own (i.e., reduce by half the number of TA visits), creating more flexibility in your schedule and providing more teacher leadership • Ongoing planning meetings with the TA • Submit lesson plans to SF Opera Education weekly (for lessons without the TA) • Receive access to all opera resources during the length of the partnership Alternatives to the core LYOP model are available; please request information.