Elephant's Money Survey
A short survey by Elephant Magazine on attitudes to money among those working in the cultural sector. The results of the survey will be published in Elephant's upcoming print issue in March 2021. Thank you for taking part.
Basic Info
A few things we need to know before we start
How old are you? *
Where do you live (please state country and city/region) *
What do you do for a living? *
How many years have you been working in your current industry? *
Approximately how much do you earn per year? (please include currency) *
Financial and career stability
All things work and money
Do you feel that you are paid fairly for the work that you do?
Have you ever asked for a pay rise? Did you get it?
Have you ever considered changing industry for a higher salary?
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How often do you find yourself worrying about money?
Have you ever lied about how much money you make?
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Do you feel that you earn significantly less than your peers in other industries?
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To what extent do you feel that your income has impacted your lifestyle choices?
What is your main motivation for doing your job?
Accessibility and perception
Getting to the bottom of who the art world is for
What is the most you would be willing to pay to see an art exhibition? (please include currency)
When you visit a gallery, who do you feel the art is there for?
Would you feel comfortable asking how much an artwork costs in a gallery setting?
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In your opinion, what is the primary reason that people buy art?
Do you feel that it is important to support arts institutions, either via membership or donations?
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If you're open to a follow-up interview with a member of the Elephant team, please share your email address below
Please note, you can participate in a follow-up interview and remain anonymous in the final survey results
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