Waters Block Project 2017
Hello! If you were here last year, and participated in the Waters Block Project, you remember how fun this project was. I'm so excited we are going to do it again. The work of so many students, teachers, staff members and community members was so special. I loved seeing such an impressive final product when each small bit was so incredibly different and done by such a large range of ages. We had 220 blocks total and the project raised about $3500 for the school! Incredible work by everyone! If you missed the final installation, this is what it looked like.

Read on below for more information about this year and at the bottom of the page there are a few fields to fill out to sign up to come paint a block!

New Year. New Shape. Similar Concept
This year instead of everyone painting exactly the same thing, we want to pose the question to your child, "When you think of Lake Michigan, what do you think of?" Maybe take a weekend trip over to the lake (there is tons of free parking by Montrose and Foster beaches!) and look at it, and maybe talk about what you see. Waves? Boats (well maybe not in the winter but you could image boats out there)? Sky? Clouds? Birds? My daughter suggested we should do "Waves for Waters" which instantly got me thinking about the lake and how amazing it is. I can't wait to see what each person comes up with for their vision. And of course don't feel like you have to go to the lake before your painting session! We will have ideas for you as well.

The final installation will then be arranged in the order of Sky/Water/Sand, with the thought being that it'll be a large mosaic of the lake. Similar to this picture of a cat face, where each "pixel" is a flower. The pixels in our case will be the blocks themselves. How cool to have a statement piece of Waters Elementary's vision of Lake Michigan.

We will be done with all the blocks before spring break and the full installation will be displayed at school before the Big Night. We really want the children to be able to see the final product of what making all those little blocks put together looks like. The full board will again be displayed at Big Night for all the parents to see, and purchase blocks if you want at that time.

Like last year each block will cost $25. You will be able to pay for your child's block at the time of painting this year. Or you can reserve it and buy it at Big Night. And like last year you can buy any extras that you like (by teachers, principal, random ones etc).

I hope to see you (we also love when parents and siblings paint a block so feel free to bring your little ones) at one of the painting sessions and I look forward to meeting you and your child.

If you have *any* questions, please feel free to email me (Leah Rieger, mom of 1st grader Lucille in Ms. Booczko's class) at lwrieger@gmail.com or give me a call at 773-398-4242.

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