Resilient Methow
Community Survey Assessing and Prioritizing Local Impacts from a Changing Climate.

The Methow Valley is experiencing long-term changes in our climate such as increased frequency and severity of wildfire and fluctuations in snowpack and water availability. In response, a Task Force of community leaders representing different sectors have come together to create a community-led effort to develop a Climate Action Plan for the Methow Valley.

The Climate Action Plan will develop goals and strategies to help the Methow Valley prepare for future climate conditions. This includes prioritization of actions and solutions to adapt to those changes, as well as opportunities for reducing further impacts through reducing carbon emissions.

The first step in creating a Climate Action Plan is to identify potential local climate impacts and ways we might respond. In this survey, we'd like you to help the Task Force identify and prioritize ways that the Methow community will need to adapt to the impacts from our changing climate.

Your participation is extremely important to the success of this effort. This plan, and the process used to develop it, will support the Methow Valley in becoming a leader in how small, rural communities can positively prepare for our changing future.
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Survey Instructions
Thank you for taking time the time to engage in this online presentation and survey. There are two main parts to this survey:

STEP 1 The first is a summary of the information presented by Dr. Amy Snover at the public workshop in Twisp on November 19, 2019. You can either review the summary slides or watch the entire presentation (about 30 minutes).

STEP 2 After reviewing this information, we then ask you to review and prioritize a list of potential climate impact specific to the Methow Valley, organized by 5 different sectors: Health, Agriculture, Natural Systems, Infrastructure, and Economy.

Your participation will help the Climate Action Task Force identify and prioritize local climate impacts to address in a Climate Action Plan for the Methow.

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