Initial Photography Request Form
This is the initial step when requesting a Preemie Prints photography session. We will use this form to confirm whether or not we have any volunteers servicing your area, as well as, making sure your family is eligible for our photogrpahy services. Once approved, we will be sending you a link to give us more information about your NICU journey.
Parent's Name
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Email Adress
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Phone Number
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Baby's Date of Birth
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City / State where you would like your photo session taken.
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I understand that submitting a request does not guarantee that I will receive a photo session. While we will try to accommodate every request, however timing, weather and photographer availability may prevent a session from occurring.
I understand that my baby must be in the NICU or be under the age of 1 for me to receive a no cost photography session. And that submitting a request no later than 1 month before my child turns 1 will give me the greatest opportunity to be connected with a photographer.
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