Gymnastics Judging Survey
Welcome to the Gymnastics Judges Survey. I have closed the data collection window for the Spring of 2020.
However, please feel free to contribute your views here. I plan to continue to look through and learn from responses which continue to come in. The survey is also a great tool for self-reflection on your own judging process. Thank-you for your interest and participation.
All answers will be kept confidential.
For more information about purpose and privacy:
Which discipline do you judge?
This survey is geared towards Artistic Gymnastics Judges. If there are differences for your discipline which are not captured in this survey, please feel free to clarify it in the comments section at the end.
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What year did you start judging?
How many competitions did you judge last year?
If you were a gymnast, what was the highest level you attained?
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What other roles do you, or have you had in gymnastics other than judging?
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What is your current level of judging certification?
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