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Use this form to propose an article to the Eos editors, to send a news tip, or to make a suggestion about something you'd like to see covered in Eos. Scientist-authors will be asked to provide the Key Points (200 words), why this article is important for Eos readers (200 words), and any broader impacts of the research you plan to write about (100 words).

Read our AUTHOR GUIDELINES (, which includes content type descriptions, before submitting your proposal.

Eos has transitioned from a manuscript submission to an article proposal submission system. Read about these changes here:

*3 April 2020: Please note that due to an increased number of submissions, wait time for proposal decisions may be as long as FOUR WEEKS. We appreciate your patience.

**Eos is receiving many proposals related to COVID-19, the transition to remote working and virtual meetings, antiracism, and combating discrimination. If your proposal is on one of these topics, please be clear in the section asking “What key points will your article make?” about what would make your article unique, specific details or experiences you plan to write about, or how it would build on previously published articles.
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