BeLive Survey
We are very curious to learn how you feel about using BeLive in order to take your experience using BeLive to the next level. You input is extremely important for us, as you are the reason we created BeLive in the first place!
What is your profession?
What do you do in order to prepare for streaming every time?
In a couple of words, explain which emotions you experience while streaming.
What would help you be happier about streaming in general?
What is the single hardest thing for you in streaming?
When did you start using BeLive?
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How many times have you broadcasted using BeLive?
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I use BeLive because it helps me:
What was your first impression using BeLive?
How has your experience with BeLive been so far?
Terrible :(
I love it :)
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Have you used other platforms to broadcast into Facebook Live? If so, which?
Where do you mostly stream from?
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What would be a dream-come-true streaming experience for you?
How old are you?
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Which country do you live in?
Thank you for your input! Is there any other general feedback you'd wish to share with us?
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