2D Animator / Clean Up Artist
Tonko House is producing 'The Dam Keeper' digital series, and are gathering a team of animators / clean-up artists to be a part of the production. The series will consist of 10 five-minute episodes in traditional 2D animation. The project is directed by Erick Oh, a former Pixar animator and an award-winning filmmaker, and will be distributed by Hulu in Japan. Please note, this is a contract position.
・ Animate characters on model as indicated by the Director.
・ Revise, edit and modify animation as indicated by the Director.
・ Self-manage timelines to ensure all shots are completed on schedule.
・ Assist with visual exploration, research, and/or creation of design.
・ Create an environment for growth and development for the team and its individuals.
· Strong 2D animation skills.
· Be able to think out of box yet follow the direction.
· Be able to deliver range of performance: comedy, action, and emotional acting.
· Familiar with tablet or Cintiq.
· Experience in TVPaint Animation Pro is a plus.
· Experience in storyboarding and filmmaking is a plus.
· Excellent teamwork, ability to lead and work effectively with others.
· Strong written and verbal communication, good at giving and following directions.
· Ability to work under pressure, in a deadline driven environment.
· 2+ years animator experience in an animated production.
· Practical knowledge of cinematic language, acting, and staging.
· Strong understanding of the principles of animation; emotion, acting, and movement.
· Eligible to work in the U.S.
· Available from January 2017 through July 2017.
· Ability to relocate to Tonko House’s Berkeley Headquarters during production.
· We can discuss the possibility of working remotely depending on the situation.
Portfolio and Application
Please fill out the form below and include:

• Demo reel or a short film or sequences that highlights your animation skill (no longer
than 2 minutes) (AVI, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg,. wmv, .flv or .f4v)
• Supplemental Work (OPTIONAL): storyboard, portfolio and/or sketchbook images that
highlight your skills (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, or .zip)
• A URL to your blog or online portfolio/reel
• One-page resume (.pdf, .jpg or jpeg, .doc or docx)
• Half-page biography (.pdf, .jpg or jpeg, .doc or docx)

Thank you!

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** Please Note:
Due to the number of submissions, we will not reply individually if the applicant is not moving onto the next process. We will contact for the next process (interviews) within 2 weeks after the submission.
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