Request for Certification
Online form for requesting certificates from the UP Diliman College of Engineering College Secretary's Office (undergraduate students only).
1) The fee is P20 per copy per certificate. You will need to pay for the appropriate amount at the UP Cashier's Office (back of PNB). Take note of the following details when you make your payment:
Trust Fund Account Name: College of Engineering-College Secretary
Trust Fund Account Number: 1570-884-952-005-439
2) Fill up all the fields in the form. Each application is for one type of certificate only. If you need more than one type of certificate, you need to submit another application (fill up this form again).
2) After submission, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the email address you gave in the form. The confirmation e-mail will contain the details you typed into the form. It will also contain instructions on claiming the certificate.
3) The cut off time for applications received is 5:00 pm. Any application received after the cut off time will be processed starting the following working day.
4) Applications filed during non-working days will be processed the next working day.
5) Certificates are available for release after the number of working days indicated below, Mondays to Fridays (except in cases of holidays, suspensions, and declared nonworking days) 9:00 -10:00 am and 1:00 - 2:00 pm from the College Secretary's Office at Melchor Hall MH204. Bring a copy of the confirmation email, your ID, and Official Receipt as proof of payment of certificate.

** Requests Filed the Week Before and During Regular Registration Period: available after TEN working days
** Requests Filed on Other Days Outside Of the Registration Period: available after THREE working days

6) If a representative will claim your certifcate on your behalf, he/she will need to bring an authorization letter from you as well as valid ID.

Types of Certificates
Type 1 Certificate: No additional information required
Academic Standing
Accredited Subjects for SHIFTEES (UP to UP only)
Admission to College
Certification of Grades (available only during registration period)
Completion of Academic Requirements with GWA
Completion of Academic Requirements with honors
Good scholastic standing
Graduating this current Semester/Midyear
Not under contract to finish the course
Not yet covered by MRR
Remaining units
True Copy of Grades (all grades including previous semester)
Type 2 Certificate: Requires additional information (Term and Academic Year)
Last enrollment
Probable to graduate
University Scholar
College Scholar
Type 3 Certificate: Need to apply at MH204
NOT YET AVAILABLE for online aplication. For these types of certificate please apply at the College Sec office personally and bring the necesary document indicated below when you lodge your application.
* No Pending Case - requirement: Clearance from Student Disciplinary Council, Vinzon's Hall
* Bonafide student - requirement: current Form 5
* Year Level - requirement: current Form 5
* Ranking by batch (based on whole Engineering graduates) - available TWO MONTHS after regular registration
* Ranking in Course (all students under same degree program) - available TWO MONTHS after regular registration
* Other certificates not listed above
Choose which type of certificate you need
Please refer to the list above to determine which type your certificate falls under *
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