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Please fill this form ONLY if you have written the GRE OR if you have registered for the GRE OR if you are considering programs that do not require the GRE.
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Specify if not based on 5.00. i.e 4.60 is assumed to be 4.60/5.00. If it isn't, be explicit, e.g 4.60/7.00
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Don't worry, we would not be using your answer here for disqualification
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Research papers published / Conferences attended
Ok to have a work-in-progress paper and/or a future conference listed.
Tell us about any work experience you have
You may include SIWES and NYSC assignment if they are relevant. Do not add unnecessary info such as the street address of the companies. General location (e.g Lagos, Onne, London, etc) is fine. Tell what you did at each workplace in 2-5 sentences. List in order of relevance/importance.
Leadership organisations or volunteer projects you started or were involved with
Describe your role and outcomes of what you did.
Relevant awards received
No, "Most Handsome Graduate" is not relevant. Research, academic, leadership and business (e.g startup or competition) awards are.
Where are you in your graduate school application process?
e.g. Just getting started, writing exams, submitted applications. Give as much detail as possible
Field of interest for graduate school *
e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Robotics, etc. It would be helpful if you get more specific: "Product Design" rather than "Mechanical Engineering", for example.  Okay to write more than one.
Colleges and programs you plan to apply to
Write a preliminary list of schools and programs you want (e.g the  programs your GRE scores were sent to plus other ones you think are a good fit). Write this way (without the quotes) and each new answer should be on a new line: "Carnegie Mellon University, PhD, Material Science".
Why grad school and these programs? What do you plan to do long term after obtaining this degree?
Interpret the questions as you see fit.
Any other thing we should know?
Any personal projects? Maybe there was some other awesome stuff that didnt fit as answer to any of the previous questions?
x:Preferred mentors
Even though you are highly encouraged to fill this, it is not a compulsory field and you may not necessarily be matched to this person(s). Feel free to look up mentor profiles at
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