Survey for Parents of Students with IEPs
When schools closed this spring, a plan for the creation and implementation of "Temporary Learning Plans" for students with IEPs was put into place the week of March 30, 2020. As a parent of a student with an IEP, we would like your feedback on your experience with the school closure and your child's "Temporary Learning Plan." This information will be useful for the Office of Special Education. Thank you!
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Please identify the school that your child with an IEP attended during the 2019-2020 school year: *
Please identify your child's special education program: *
During the school closure from March 13 - May 21, did you receive adequate communication from your child's special education case manager? *
Was there adequate information from the Office of Special Education? *
Did you have the opportunity to participate in the development of your child's "Temporary Learning Plan"? *
Given the circumstances of schools being closed and no new learning for most CCPS students, was your child's "Temporary Learning Plan" appropriate for your child? *
If you answered "No" to the question above, please explain what could have been done differently. *
Are there additional resources or services that you wish could have been provided to your child or you during the time that school was closed? If so, please list in the space below. If there are no additional resources or services that you would have liked, please type N/A. *
Did your child have access to a computer or other devices connected to the internet (not including a cell phone)? *
Do you have additional comments or suggestions that are not addressed in the above questions? If so, please list below. If none, please type N/A. *
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