Stop Urban Shield 2015

From September 11th to 14th, in Pleasanton, California, and across Alameda County, Urban Shield -- a trade show & training exercise for SWAT teams and police agencies -- will bring local, national and international law enforcement agencies together with defense industry contractors to provide training and introduce new weapons to police departments and security companies.

Last year, Stop Urban Shield Coalition and broader community organizations and members built upon Oakland’s rich history of organizing against policing and for self-determination by forcing the City of Oakland to stop hosting Urban Shield. This was a hugely significant victory for our city and demonstrated the power of our collective grassroots organizing.
But the fight is not over. Urban Shield mistakenly thinks that they can evade accountability to our communities by moving the convergence to the City of Pleasanton, even though the City of Oakland, along with cities all across the Bay Area, California and the U.S. will still be fully participating. Let's show them they're wrong! As communities around the country rise up demanding an end to racist police violence, it is now more important than ever to build upon our victories and work toward shutting down Urban Shield entirely.

While Urban Shield is just one front in the fight against the state's attempt to militarize every aspect of our lives - from its war-making here and abroad, to the increasing presence of police in our schools, to the systemic murder of Black and Brown people at the hands of police - stopping Urban Shield would be a major victory against this growing trend of militarization in cities everywhere, from Oakland to Ferguson to Baltimore. Join us in resisting violence against our communities and in fighting for genuine visions of justice, safety, and self-determination.

Sign onto this pledge to support the fight against militarization against our communities!

We call for decreasing violence in our communities by ending the militarization of the police:

- We demand the Alameda County Board of Supervisors defund all activities related to Urban Shield.
- We demand that all city agencies, locally and nationally, withdraw their participation in Urban Shield.

We call for an end to the use of our communities as testing grounds for tactics of global repression:

- We demand an end to all collaborations with the Apartheid State of Israel.
- We call on the Alameda County to issue a report on all collaborations between US police agencies participating in Urban Shield and international law enforcement agencies.
- We call on Alameda county to reject all US wars and occupations here or abroad.

We affirm our right to community self-determination:

- We demand that Alameda County residents - and residents nationwide - have decision-making power in the process to determine priorities for public safety and emergency preparedness.
- We demand that Alameda County - and the cities and towns it contains - invest in community-based programs proven to decrease violence and harm instead of in the increased militarization of its police force and emergency services.

We call on our communities to continue fighting back and resisting state violence and repression:

- We ask our allies and partners to adopt these principles and take a stand against the policing and repression of our communities.

By signing this pledge, my organization is committed to taking a stand against militarization and repression and will support the coalition in:

- Spreading this pledge throughout my networks & on social media, such as our Facebook page:

Hit us up at with any questions!

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