THANK YOU for wanting to participate in one or more of our TBI Virtual training events for TBI 303 "CONTEMPORARY ISSUES" - EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS & NEURODEVELOPMENT this year. The TBI 303 training is designed for professionals working with youth (and adults), for parents and caregivers of survivors of brain injury, and for any interested community members!

THIS SESSION IS VALUABLE FOR ANYONE WORKING IN THE SCHOOLS OR WITH YOUR: Counselors, general education teachers, SPED teachers, related service personnel, administrators, support staff, and parents. It is especially valuable for those working with youth in adolescence and young adulthood.

The format for these two sessions will be short-format lecture with open discussion, ongoing question and answer sessions throughout, and include interactive opportunities (virtually) to review relevant assessments and resources. The first module will cover information related to Executive Functions. The second module will cover information related to neuro-development.

All materials are provided for the event including PPT handouts, activity sheets and resources.

HOURS: Training: 6.0 contact hours (Two (2) modules - one (1) for each session)

WHERE: Virtually via GoToMeeting

BREAKS: We will have a 30 minute "break" scheduled in the middle where you can get up and walk away from
your computer, tablet, or phone. Session will still be open but no lecture during that time.

FEE: No Registration Fee is required for these events. ($0.00)

QUESTIONS: Contact Dr. Sue Wolf
E-mail: DrSueWolf@me.com
Web: www.empowermentresearch.com/contact-info

SPONSORS: AZ Governor's Council on Spinal and Head Injuries (azheadspine.org)
AZ Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services (www.azed.gov/specialeducation/)
Brain Injury Alliance of AZ (BIAAZ.ORG)
Empowerment Research, LLC (www.empowermentresearch.com)
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