Dumpster Guidelines and Reimbursement Request Form - 2021 Take Pride in SML
In order to assist large, on-water group cleanup efforts, those who wish to utilize dumpsters for their events may apply in advance for reimbursement of up to $400 per dumpster. A total of up to 10 dumpster/landfill reimbursements will be approved overall. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis.


One dumpster and one landfill fee will be considered per community group/organization or commercial business/marina that organizes a cleanup event.


The following criteria must be met for an event/group to be considered for this reimbursement:

Dumpster will be utilized solely for disposal of on-water debris
Must have no less than 15 participants in your group
Request shall be made no later than May 3, 2021.
Request must be approved by the Take Pride in SML Oversight Committee in advance (approval will be in writing)


Upon completion of the event, the event captain shall submit reimbursement request by providing the following to the Take Pride in SML Oversight Committee (please submitted to the TLAC office):

Paid invoice from dumpster contractor
Paid invoice from landfill with dumpster tonnage and charges circled
Picture(s) of the group at work (may be used for press releases)
Picture of filled dumpster (prior to being taken to landfill)
Copy of approved Reimbursement Consideration Form
Final day for submission of reimbursement is June 11, 2021.


Groups should not remove docks or large trees during their cleanups. Instead, they should contact TLAC at 721-4400 and report the location of the dock/tree. TLAC will report the dock/tree to Appalachian Power Company and ask that they remove the dock/tree.

Complete this form online, by mail or in person, to Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission, 400
Scruggs Road, Suite 200, Moneta VA 24121 (The Plaza) no later than May 3, 2021. Completed form
may also be emailed to tlac@sml.us.com.
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