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1. Club Season: September 1 – May 31
2. Registration Fees exclude tournament commitment(s) and travel fees
3. Registrations prior to September 30 include a swim suit and t-shirt
4. Athletes pay for the registration fee for the team they PRACTICE with as assessed at the time of
Payment Terms
All fees are due upon registration. Payment options outlined in the table above. NSF cheques are subject
to a $30.00 fee payable to the Club. Members who submit NSF cheques to pay fees must pay future fees
in cash or by certified cheque.
Registration Fees
Player fees cover athletic privileges with the Club and include two to five pool times per week depending
on age group, coaching, club swimsuit & t-shirt, and registration with Water Polo Canada through the
Alberta Water Polo Association. Travel to out of province tournaments (generally for U12 and older) is in
addition to registration fees. We will provide guidance on travel expectations at the beginning of the
Siblings who register with the Club, receive a 20% discount. Any discounts will be applied to lower
priced fees in the event siblings are subject to different rates. *No discount for entry pups*
All forms must be completed and all payments submitted for this registration to be validated and
Registration funding subsidies are available for families who qualify, please contact
registry@wildwaterpolo.com for more information.
All members of the Club are expected to participate in ALL the following:
1. Assigned Casinos & Bingo shifts
Our club relies on the funds raised from participation in casinos and bingos. We are fined, and
therefore lose money, if we are unable to fully staff our casinos and bingos. As part of your
fundraising commitment, you will be assigned a minimum # of bingos/casino once the fundraising
schedule has been finalized (typically this is 2-4 bingos and 1-2 casino but is dependent on the # of
members). The preference and expectation is that members work the bingos/casinos themselves.
If you are unable to work your assigned shift, it is YOUR responsibility to find a friend, family
member or acquaintance to help you meet your commitment. You will be charged $110 per
missed bingo/casino commitment.

2. Fundraisings Activities (e.g. raffles, bottle drives, grocery cards, etc …).
Athlete families are also expected to raise a minimum of $150 per family through fundraising
activities like 60/40 or wine raffles, grocery card fundraising, etc. Optionally you can ‘buy out’ of
your fundraising activities for $200.

3. Volunteer activities (e.g.: minor officiating, registration assistance, team management, equipment,
website, etc...).
See the table above.

What is a ‘Travel Credit’?
“Travel credits” are earned by members who have completed their fundraising shifts and step up to work
additional shifts when another member fails to meet their commitment and does not find a replacement
worker themselves. As the club cannot pay for replacement workers, the member that failed to fulfil
work their assigned position is fined by the club $110. The club then provides the fill-in member a $75
travel credit (it is a credit only, no cash value).
If you are unable to work your assigned bingo and/or casino position, the club’s strong preference is that
you find a replacement worker. The club does help provide a list of individuals willing to work, however
choosing to pay those workers is the decision of the member, not the club.
* Members may not volunteer for additional shifts in order to accumulate “travel credits”.
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