Fall Together will ‘livestream’ on Friday, October 30th 2020 at 7:00pm

By registering, you agree to the following terms:

1. You are responsible for creating a video or photo of your submission that is appropriate for families and our community. We will not use any submissions that violate the Lawrence standards of conduct.

2. You are responsible for editing the videos of all members of your group into a single video.

3. For those participating in a group, each group member must register separately and designate the same group leader for purposes of organization. Siblings from the same family, performing together, may be registered on one form.

4. By participating in this program, you (the parent) consent to the live broadcast of your child, in the video you provide, in a "live stream/premiere" environment on YouTube, and an archived version that shall remain online and available to be viewed afterwards by anyone. Only the name of the school (“Lawrence”) and the first names of the performers will be stated in the final video. Location, including town, city and state will not be mentioned.

5. Comments shall be turned on for the livestream, but they shall be turned off for the archived version. Any participant engaging in any online bullying or negative commentary during the broadcast shall be blocked immediately.

6. You agree that you will not post any version of any child's video that you may acquire from this performance via download, screen capture or other, in any online format, regardless of permissions you may receive from other parents. The videos submitted shall become the property of Lawrence PTO and shall be used for no other purpose than described herein.

7. Lawrence PTO is collaborating with BIG (Brookline Interactive Group) on this project. This event will also be available on a local broadcast station. BIG will share the final files with Lawrence PTO and not share final files or replay this live premiere at any time.
BIG Live Stream Link:
Cable Information: Community Channel - Brookline RCN and Comcast Cable Channel 3

If there is any additional information or concerns not covered by this form, please contact PTO Co Presidents at
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