Computer Science Connect Returner Plans
We are making plans for Summer 2019 already. Please use this form to indicate to us if you are planning to return for CompSciConnect 2019.

Dates by Group:
Session 1: Yellow or Terp: June 17th- June 28th
Session 2: Red or Yellow - July 15th- July 26th
Session 3: Terp or Red - July 28th-August 9th

Terp 2018 students will receive info about applying to be a TA in March.

If you have any questions, contact:
Kate Atchison
or email:

Part A: Basic Information
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Yellow, Red, & Terp may be available for both sessions.
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Sizes range from YL-XXL (unisex sizes)
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Are you interested in participating in a camp carpool to assist with transportation?
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