E-Ship Bootcamp
We're thrilled you're looking to begin your entrepreneurial adventure! In order to apply, this form should be filled out with the participant's data. We will let you know if you have been accepted within 3 business days.
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E-ship Bootcamp
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In order to participate in the E-Ship Bootcamp, I will commit to:
1. Attend and participate in all the classes. If I cannot attend, I commit to making up the deliverable for the next class.
2. Turn in all deliverables. I understand that if I do not turn in all the deliverables, I may not be eligible to participate in Acton's Young Entrepreneur Fair in December.
3. Make the US$350 payment by Friday, July 19th.
I commit to participate in E-Ship Bootcamp sessions on the following dates from 4:00pm-6:30pm:
Please note that the location of the Bootcamp will change for August 20th to the new Acton Campus. The Bootcamp will always be in Vista Hermosa II, and our new and updated facilities will be located right around the corner from our current campus!
Tuesday, August 6th
Thursday, August 8th
Tuesday, August 13th
Thursday, August 15th
Tuesday, August 20th
Thursday, August 22nd
Tuesday, August 27th
Thursday, August 29th (MANDATORY - SHARK TANK & GRADUATION!)
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