It's very simple, you work when you want, there is simply a minimum of 5 orders to be delivered a week to stay active in the system and the operation is automatic with a dispatch team behind to assist you in needs.

When there is a new order you receive a notification on WhatsApp that lets you know immediately what is the pick-up and the delivery address, you also see the amount that you can earn if you deliver this order and there is a button that allows you to confirm that you want to deliver this order, once you click on this button, if you are the first, the restaurant is informed and you receive in return on WhatsApp a confirmation from the restaurant or a cancellation then you are paid every week between Thursday and Friday automatically by bank transfer.

Unlike other apps the minimum you can earn is $7 and up to $33 for a single order as we deliver throughout the city of Toronto, the average is $12/$13.

You just need of course a car and if you are not Canadian a valid work permit.
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