Lightning Rod 2019 Artist Application
Application Deadline: 11:59 pm CST, July 6th, 2019

Basic information form for those applying participate in "Lightning Rod".

Lightning Rod is seeking 18 artists. This year we are adjusting our performance structure. We are inviting 3 content creators (writers, composers, choreographers, etc) to create many (20-30) short plays individually and in collaboration with one another. Time and space will be made available for writers to work together and independently. The team of 3 directors will then be responsible for giving shape and structure to the pieces presented. The ensemble of 12 will be a performance company, participating in whatever plays the team decides is most useful. Some of these plays may utilize one body, some may use the entire company, some may be trios or duos or other formations. Writers and directors are welcome to participate as ensemble members but are not required to do so. Some of these pieces may stand alone, some may be companion pieces to others, some may create a trilogy, who's to say. Some of the pieces will be performed both nights, some will only be performed Friday, some only Saturday. This will be determined by performer availability. Yoni and Marcela will be present and available to offer as little or as much guidance as is useful throughout the process whether it be for writers, directors, the ensemble, or collective whole. This will culminate in a set of 2 performances presented to the public. We seek artists who will responds to the prompt: “how can you reach across barriers of identity difference, time-space quandaries, and species classification in a world that cannot hold you?” This might mean that the work addresses current events, cultural trends, environmental shifts, or present day capitulations of ancestral knowledge. Potential mediums could include: dance, design, song, writing, video, performance.

Co-producers Kat Purcell, Marcela Michelle, and Yoni Tamang are growing on last year’s Lightning Rod in both its format and content. This year we are particularly interested in work that goes beyond theatrical conventions of "a play," "a script," "an actor," "a director" etc. We seek work that imagines new ways of performing, being, and becoming in community. To that end, we highly encourage you to apply for roles that are new to your artistic practice, propose content you've yet to explore, or state a desire to use skills you've yet to develop. Think of this as your opportunity to try something improbable and unexpected.

As you answer the application questions below, please take time to consider what it might mean to you to have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in a compressed, fast-paced process. Where do your values lie? In the togetherness? Mindfulness? Community? Experimentation? Respect? The Issues? Action? Potential? Consider and let us know what it is that YOU would like to get out of an experience like Lightning Rod and HOW you work best with others.

Event Location:
Pillsbury House & Theater
3501 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Event Schedule:
Sunday August 11th - All participants gather at Pillsbury House, attendance required, refreshments provided
Monday August 12th - a text is created for the team
Tuesday August 13th - ensemble groups rehearsing in three hour slots (TBD, flexible)
Wednesday August 14th - ensemble groups rehearsing in three hour slots (TBD, flexible)
Thursday August 15th - groups attending tech rehearsal, evening hours
Friday August 16th - evening performance, 5pm-10pm
Saturday August 17th - evening performance, 5pm-10pm

You will be notified of your admission on or before July 16th 2019

Compensation for all participants is $250. There will be no artist ticket sales program this year. Resources are available for childcare. Keeping in mind the demands of moving an audience, we invite the artists to think of all the areas at Pillsbury House as potential performance spaces--the mezzanine, the rehearsal rooms, the lobby, the stairwell, the outside, etc. The stage itself at Pillsbury House & Theater is not ADA accessible, however there are spaces within the building that are.

For assistance filling out the application form, or if you have any questions regarding the project, please contact

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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