Help us keep you safe at The Space! It's a team effort, after all!
Due to the ongoing and rapidly changing situation with the novel-coronavirus, we are require all guests to The Space to strictly follow our Covid-19 Studio Protocols.

Please carefully read and understand the safety measures listed here

Each guest must fill-out the self-declaration form below in order to get access to The Space.
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Do you currently have any of the following flu-like symptoms? If one of these symptoms are present currently or in future, do not come to The Space *
Fever (100.4° F or higher)
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Have you been directly exposed to someone who is suspected of having or diagnosed with COVID-19? *
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Do you agree to the following: 1) By signing this self-declaration form, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept The Space's Covid-19 Studio Protocols. 2) You also further confirm that you agree that you share equal responsibility in keeping The Space's community & team safe and therefore you will strictly follow these safety guidelines to prevent spread of infection. *
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