Course Registration for Deep Learning
10 Sessions in total
Session 1. Neural network--basic building blocks and coding practice (3 hours)

Session 2. Feedforward Neural Network (FFNN) and coding study (3 hours)

Session 3. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN): part I and coding practice (3 hours)

Session 4. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN): part II, language modeling and coding practice (3 hours)

Session 5. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN): part I: basic theory (3 hours)

Session 6. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN): part II: image processing (3 hours)

Session 7. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN): part III: image processing (3 hours)

Session 8. Unsupervised Neural Network (3 hours)

Session 9. Deep learning case studies (I) (3 hours)

Session 10. Deep Learning case studies (II) (3 hours)

When and Where
Time: 10 AM - 1 PM (3 hours) on Saturdays from April 6th, 2019.
Location: 6380 Rue Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC, H4B 1N1 (CJE-NDG)
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